Seven Coping Tips For Depression

Depression is a mood disorder that has an impact on a person’s way of living everyday life.   The symptoms can be so debilitating to the point where a person cannot get out of bed. One of the indicators that someone could be depressed is experiencing a low mood that has lasted more than two weeks.  A person’s sleep pattern is also disrupted where they sleep too much or not enough. Anger can also be present where it is turned inward and confined within the body. 

Treatment of depression can take many forms such as medication, seeing a therapist regularly, lifestyle changes, and group therapy.  Coming up with a personal plan to deal with the disorder can be an effective approach that lead to desired results.  Enlisting trusted and caring people to be part of your support system could help with staying on track with the plan. 

I have come up with seven tips below for addressing depression that I want to leave you with.

  1. Obtain a complete physical from a doctor to rule out a biological issue
  2. Identify and express the anger you feel through journaling
  3. Nurture your mind, body, and soul
  4. Find a trained therapist to work with
  5. Take stock of any unresolved issues (Disappointments, unexpressed feelings, and trauma) and work towards resolving
  6. Be of service to someone else in need
  7. Take inventory of everything that is going right for you in life

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