I was reflecting the other day on how I use to exercise effortlessly in the past.  It did not take any energy on my part to get moving.  I would put on my workout clothes and gym shoes on immediately after work out of habit.  I enjoyed the results a consistent aerobic workout provided me.  However, somewhere along the way, I got tired of doing the same routines and allowed my daily responsibilities take more of my time.  Then one day, I looked up several months later and realized an exercise routine was far away from my priority.  I had to talk myself back into exercising lately and remind myself the reason I was doing it.  I intentionally set it in my mind that I will start working out again.  I found out I was using more energy to get started with my new exercise regime than if I remained consistently working out.  I had to be my own coach motivating myself by speaking words of encouragement.  I told my spirit man that I can do it and I needed to get up to acquire the new energy level I was seeking. 

There were times during my workout where I said to myself that I can push through then I visualized the results I was seeking.  This got my energy going into power mode to push me through until the end of the workout.  I realized I will have to positively talk myself through the process until it becomes automatic once again.  I want you to use my story to reflect on your own life as well. What area of your life do you need to coach yourself through?  If you have several areas then I want you to take two at first that need your immediate attention.  I suggest incorporating positive self-talk in order to coach yourself through to see the results you visualize.  You have the wisdom and best coach on the inside of you to power you through. 

The coach on the inside of you knows what you are truly capable of and will guide you to the right actions steps you need to follow.  Once you start becoming in tune to listening to your positive self-talk then you can see some great results.  You were made to be victorious in your life and have the desires of your heart manifest.  To become victorious will take some work and make you get up moving.  Many times, we can be our own worst critic so I am suggesting firing that critical voice that is hindering you from where you want to be and employ a positive self-talk that will lead to manifestation of your dreams. 

Negative self-talk can make a person doubt themselves, feel fearful, feel bad about who they are, and paralyze one from trying to achieve greater results.  Negative self-talk is destructive to your efforts to moving forward to achieve goals you have set for yourself.  If you give into negative self-talk then you are frustrating and discouraging yourself before you even get started.  There is no room for negative self-talk if you desire to improve your life and get better results.  Therefore, let your mouth speak the results while your feet lead to the actions you must take and let your mind visualize what is on the way.

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