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  1. The universe uses transformation to wash away the negative experiences from the past to make way for a beautiful rainbow.
  2. You have to say goodbye in order to say hello.
  3. The struggle to overcome the struggle is a real struggle.  It takes a team of your mind, body, and soul working together in unison to be victorious over the struggle.
  4. Comfort zones are meant to be pushed past with force to experience the unknown pleasure on the other side.
  5. The path to serenity takes leaving friends behind named anger, strife and bitterness.  While on the journey one will meet new friends named patience, contentment, love and self- control.  Those friends will introduce us to the ultimate friend of peace.
  6. Peace is standing still in the middle of a storm of your life while patiently waiting for it to end.  You feel like you want to even reach for a snack as the storm has just begun.
  7. Let good intentions lead to action steps that will lead to manifestation of your dreams.

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