The Ultimate Partnership To Focus On

Collaborations between musical artist have become a popular formula for creating unforgettable hit songs. This is also true for major corporations that merge together to become one.  Two entities in a partnership become a stronger force together than pursuing the marketplace on their own.  The same is true for your own individual life.  Wikipedia says “a partnership is an agreement where parties, known as partners, agree to cooperate to advance their mutual interests.” Therefore, your interests will be taken into account and the creator of the universe glory will be on display.  The creator of the universe is waiting for you to create a solid joint venture.  The venture will take you places you never thought were possible.  There can be nothing better than having a partner that can compose the right moves for you. 

Having a partnership with the creator of the universe means you will be alerted to avoid certain decisions, provided with strategies to get to your destiny, right doors of opportunities opened, and provision provided where it’s needed.  All you would need to do is stay plugged in and remain connected to the source.  Your partner will meet you right where you are and provide exactly what you need.  If you are in need of healing, your partner can do that.  If you are in need of increased finances, your partner can do that too.  If you find you are experiencing a challenge in this moment of life, the creator of the universe will listen to you intently and guide you along.  There is nothing impossible for your partner to orchestrate for you.

In order to maintain a good partnership with the creator then you would utilize the same principles as any relationship you possess.  For instance, spending quality time with the creator as you would a friend is just as important because it keeps the partnership connected.  When quality time lessen in any relationship then disconnect occurs.  As the relationship no longer take precedence then people start drifting away from each other because they do not communicate as they once did.  When you are talking with a friend you focus solely on that person in the moment.  It is the same with the relationship with the creator.  Give the creator your undivided attention when in his presence.

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