Challenge Corner

This page is devoted to providing you with a challenge each month to help you grow. I will provide a theme for the month and tips on what you can do to fulfill the challenge. January The month of January is about new beginnings as we start a new calendar year. Why not take this



Hi Readers I want to welcome you to therapeutic chronicles blog.  My mission with this blog is to provide education to assist you in your journey of mental well-being. I provide tips and inspire you to reach a healthy mental state that will serve you well in everyday life.  Some of the topics you can

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Affirmations Corner

An affirmation is a positive statement that expresses something is true.  It is phrased in the present tense and personalized in first person. The affirmation can be said repeatedly with feeling out loud to impress the mind with new thoughts and prompt new feelings.  The principal is to transform the thoughts within your mind so you can experience

Quote Corner

The universe uses transformation to wash away the negative experiences from the past to make way for a beautiful rainbow. You have to say goodbye in order to say hello. The struggle to overcome the struggle is a real struggle.  It takes a team of your mind, body, and soul working together in unison to be victorious


Resources List Here is a list of resources to help with your journey towards treatment and wellness. Addiction Center 877-671-1439 Anxiety and Depression Association of America (ADAA) 240-485-1001 Brain and Behavior Research Foundation 800-829-8289 Co-dependents Anonymous 888-444-2359 Depression and Bipolar Support Alliance (DBSA) 800-826-3632 Emotions Anonymous (12 step group for

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Poetry Corner

Today is the Day God made  Today is the day God made for breakthrough Today is the day God made for promotion Today is the day God made for restoration power Today is the day God made for miracles to be witnessed and experienced Today is the day God made for healing Today is the

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About Me

About Me I am passionate about counseling others through times of difficulties and writing material that brings about peace in one’s soul.  It is my honor to adhere to my life purpose of making a difference in the lives of others to invoke personal empowerment.   I provide individual counseling with an empathetic and confidential manner. 

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