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There was a time when I volunteered to provide music therapy to patients who were in the care of hospice.  The experience allowed me to see the positive effects music has on the human soul.  Prior to working with my clients, I found out what their favorite musical genres and artist were.  I gathered the information to know what the client would respond to pleasantly.  I added the selections to my Pandora account in preparation to play the music for my clients when I visited them.  During my visit with one of my clients I could tell instantly that my client enjoyed having the music played. I saw my client became more at ease and instantly become alert.    

Music in itself is an expression of emotions and can be used to uplift one’s mood. One song in particular really sticks out in my mind that was known for uplifting one's mood was called Don’t Worry, Be Happy. The song was released in 1988 and sung by Bobby McFerrin.  The song had catchy lyrics along with upbeat humming parts that made it successful. In 1989 the song won best song of the year at the Grammy awards for Bobby McFerrin. The song was a hit around the world at the time as anyone could relate to it regardless of culture.  I believe it was popular because it speaks to the human experience of not worrying about what you cannot control and choose to be happy in spite of the situation. 

Music has the ability to shift an anxious mood to one of being upbeat and peaceful.  If you find yourself in an anxious or depressed mood, try listening to some upbeat or soothing music.  You can try to see what lyrics and melodies work for you to foster a relaxed mood. That would be a positive way of coping with life’s challenges versus utilizing something detrimental to the body and mind.  If you feel led to work with a counselor specialized in music therapy, please reach out to one in your local area.  I personally have utilized guided meditation with tranquil background music that relaxed me.  The guided meditation had me visualizing a tranquil environment while I was listening to soothing music.  While listening to the music I felt my muscles relaxing and the tension I felt diminishing.

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