Missing Hope

Hope has gone far away from me.  She has been gone for an extremely long time.  I cannot believe in tomorrow because she is not with me. My life journey seems empty without her. Before she left, I was disappointed in how my life was going.  There were several past rejections that left me disappointed and bitter.  It is hard for me to believe in a satisfying and joyous future.  I had life dreams that has not manifested that I truly desire in my heart.  Without hope, those dreams will continue to escape me. 

I miss hope so much that I need to find her in order to go on effectively.  I am determined to show up where I think she may be.  She told me once to forgive others and myself.   She also mentioned I needed to reframe past events that had a negative impact on me.  I recall her words of encouragement during one of my depressive episodes saying look to the future with faith.  I did not realize she was giving me the formula to keeping her in my life. 

Hope has not been missing after all, however, she has been buried in my heart underneath the disappointments, rejection, doubt, and fear.  I have re-discovered her after clearing the layers of pain and then realized hope had friends that would help me on the rest of my life journey.  I was introduced to faith, courage, love, long-suffering, patience, peace, and joy.  Missing hope was the catalyst I needed to resurrect my life to flow with new beginnings.  Hope is an essential nutrient to live a fulfilled life.  I have now obtained hope back and gained so much more.  The suffering in my life has ended as I have awoken to a re-birth of my soul and a beautiful life. 

If you feel as if you could have written this poem and need to re-gain hope, please call me so we can re-discover your resurrected life together.      

By Demetria Mitchell, MA, LPC

Phone number 313-377-7456

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