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I had the pleasure last weekend to attend a two-day speaker’s training with Les Brown who is a well-known motivational speaker.  The event was definitely something that I was led to attend for my own personal growth.  I found out about the event the day of it being facilitated.  I am glad that I made the choice to go because I felt it got me out of my comfort zone.  It was an amazing experience that re-kindled my passion for being of service to others and sharing my knowledge that I have gained over the years from life experiences, reading books, and interactions with others.  If I decided not to attend the training then I would have missed an opportunity to grow deeper spiritually, meet like-minded people, being of assistance for someone else’s growth, and being molded for my next steps on my life journey.  I felt by attending the event I made a great deposit in my self-development.

I want you to reflect on yourself for a moment and how you have made a deposit lately in your own self-development.  What have you done lately to get out your comfort zone and do something challenging?  How have you stretched yourself in meeting goals you have set for yourself?  What have you done lately to gain more knowledge in an area that interest you? We have so many opportunities in this technology age where we can obtain more knowledge instantaneously.  There are also all kind of groups accessible to be a part of to be around positive people to uplift and inspire you. Life is all about continually growing and moving forward.  If that is not happening then you get stuck in life and feel as you are living the same day over and over. 

There are various ways you can make a deposit in yourself that will deliver good results. You can make a deposit in your health by eating foods that are good for your body and make you feel energetic. You can make a deposit in your career by being mentored by someone in your chosen profession.  A deposit can be made in mental wellness by working on not giving power to the negative thoughts that may come up and get you of your life course. Make a deposit of accepting yourself for who you are and love yourself unconditionally.  You have so much value in you on the inside it would be a disservice for you not to deposit regularly to you on a regular basis.  Imagine you are a walking bank as you have that much value and potential on the inside of you.  In order to keep increasing in value then you have to keep growing and making one step at a time to the best version of yourself. 

If you feel as you have not made a deposit in yourself lately, I want to encourage you to create some ways that you can make a deposit in yourself. Many people can give more time, encouragement, acceptance, compassion and love to others than they give to themselves. That would lead to feeling depleted and worn out frequently.  It’s wise to start with oneself and then give to others.  As you continually deposit into yourself then you will always have something to give away to others without feeling depleted.  If you find yourself feeling drained by giving so much of yourself to others, try rejuvenating yourself by doing things that make you feel lively and challenge you.

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