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As we are in a season of change where people are graduating from various educational institutions.  I want to discuss interviewing etiquette.  I personally found the interview process a trial and error process.  However, it can be an easier process if one prepares ahead of time. The first impression you make counts starting with what you choose to wear.  Interview attire is standard basic conservative attire.   Solid dark colors are professional such as black, gray and navy.  Professional attire for men include a suit with a tie and conservative dress shoes.  For a woman, a skirt, suit or a basic dress with simple jewelry is all that is needed.  It is best to steer clear of heavy perfume, loud colors, flashy jewelry, or extravagant hair styles.

It is wise to check your behavior prior to the interview.  Check in with your body to see if it is tense anywhere.  Anxiety can arise and can be counteracted with relaxation techniques.  Deep breathing can help to bring down the anxious feeling.  Performing mock interviews can also help to prepare you and lessen anxiety as you would feel more prepared.  If you are a college student then your Career Services offices may conduct mock interviews.  That would be a great opportunity to get feedback on how to improve your interview skill. 

When it comes to answering the behavioral based interview questions, utilizing the star method of answering the questions will keep you on track to answer precisely.   The star method includes delivering a response to the interview question discussing the situation/task, action and result. For instance, if you are asked to describe how you would respond to a customer who is furious.  A reply may along the lines of, I recently had a customer who called in angry about the increase in his premium of his insurance policy.  The gentleman wanted to know what made his premium go up sixty more dollars every month. 

You have laid out the situation you were faced with.  The task is the goal you wanted to achieve with your caller.  Maybe you wanted to have a positive impact with the caller to retain his business.  The action you performed may have taken was reviewed his policy to see where you could save him some money.  After reviewing the policy, you knew the customer had two policies with your company.  However, you did not see the multi policy discount on his account. Therefore, you applied the discount and he even received a credit to his policy.  The result was the policy holder saved seventy dollars a month and was a satisfied with your customer service skill. I

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