Human Needs

Abraham Maslow has been a noteworthy contributor in the field of psychology with his Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs. This is a pyramid shaped diagram that has our physiological basic needs on the bottom such as food and water. Our basic needs are those needs we need in order to live as a human. Then after the physical needs have been met then the second level layer of needs to be met is the need for safety. The safety need can be fulfilled by living in a peaceful environment. If you lived somewhere there is constant war activity then your safety need would not be met.

It would be pertinent to ensure you feel safe physically and secure financially then work on embracing the next need level. Loving and belonging refers to how you feel connected to others. The areas of belonging include family, friendships, the workplace and other group formation. This is the third level need that can bring fulfillment to an individual. A group can be positive or negative depending on the type of group. An example of a healthy group would be individuals who are mentally stable and encouraging each other to succeed in their area of gifting. A negative group would be considered a group of school bullies who cheer each other on when they bully someone. If the need to be part of a group is left unmet then a person can live a lonely and depressed existence.

The fourth level that Abraham Maslow speaks about is esteem. This need is one that everyone has to feel good about one’s self. Do you feel that you are competent in your area of profession? How about feel worthy of a great loving relationship? We all have beliefs about ourselves whether they are positive or negative. These beliefs make up our self-concept. If you feel you do not have a good perception of yourself, I would encourage you to try to see yourself through loving eyes. If you begin to start feeling better about yourself a little more each day then your life will get better and better. I remember at times hearing people putting themselves down and not valuing who they are. If they would have change the judgmental lens they look through to adjusting it to one of adoration then they would see more things in their life making them content.

The last human need Abraham Maslow speaks of is self-actualization. This need is expressing yourself how you feel led to. This is reaching and expressing your highest self. For instance, someone may feel deep in their soul they were called to express themselves through painting art and they work on their craft.  For another, it may be singing, therefore, they throw themselves into writing and singing music they are proud of. I want you to reflect for a moment on your life and how you have been getting your human needs met.  Where are you now according to Maslow's needs?  How are you fulfilling your self-actualization need? If you do not find yourself there yet, what do you need to do inorder to feel your highest need?

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