Coping Techniques for stress

I want to discuss the importance of self-care to fight off stress.  I have worked with clients in the past that have felt overwhelmed by the responsibilities in their lives.  In working with my previous clients, it was revealed that self-care was the missing ingredient in their lives.  An assessment with the client identifying their coping skills revealed they performed negative coping behaviors.  There are a lot of negative habits that we can learn to self-soothe ourselves.  However, the negative habits come with unwanted consequences. A few negative coping techniques would be excessive alcohol consumption, smoking, recreational drug use, overeating, and exhibiting violent behavior.  

Excessive alcohol consumption would be an issue for someone who decided to drive while intoxicated.  The individual could get caught by the police as they may veer into another lane on the highway or go the wrong way. The behavior would land the person in jail and astronomical fines that would have to be paid.  On the other hand, positive coping techniques would include engaging in a hobby, talking with a friend, meditation, participation in an activity, and art therapy.  These coping techniques would improve mood and get the mind off one’s problems.

I personally tried art therapy and found it to be extremely relaxing and soothing to my soul.  I participated in an art class with a friend where we painted on a canvas.  The class was two hours long and gave me the opportunity to sit and relax.  As I painted on the canvas with each stroke I felt that I was relaxing more and more.  I enjoyed the atmosphere because it fostered fun and relaxation with others. I left the class feeling invigorated and looking forward to partaking in another class. I have made this my go to activity when I feel stressed. 

As the body is a three-part entity that needs nourishing essentials to function properly then it would be wise to incorporate more positive coping techniques.  If you consider taking multi-vitamins every day for the health of your body while carrying anger in heart then your regiment is not balanced.  However, if you work on the physical part of your body feeding it the necessary nutrients as well as clearing the emotional issues in your heart then you have a balanced regiment.  Carrying around heart issues for a long time can be toxic to the body by creating disease because it is confined within the body.  If you are in that dilemma, it would be helpful to perform some forgiveness work and discharging of anger. 


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