Aromatherapy uses essential oils along with plant oils and other aroma compounds for increased wellness. Aromatherapy can be used for physical and mental-wellness.  The compound can be in an oil form or in a candle.  Some people may prefer putting on the aromatherapy oil while others prefer to have a candle burning in their home.  The benefits of aromatherapy that I have noticed include elevating mood, help ease headaches, increase energy, and reducing anxiety.  Have you ever walked into a room and smelled a fragrance that seemed to lift your mood and clear your head?  Day Spas are good for using aromatherapy to set a tranquil and calming mood.  A candle can also be burning and release the oils into the air.    

I want you to imagine in your mind a large empty jar.  Written on the side of the jar is joy oil.  If you could create an aromatherapy magical jar for yourself filled with your favorite moments in life, what would be in it? Set your mind on enjoyable moments from spending time with family, vacations, accomplishments, times with friends, times you were a blessing to someone else, fulfilled life meaning, moments where you overcame fear, moments where you were successful in your endeavors, and fun times. Imagine all the moments being condensed in a jar in your mind.  Your concoction will be transformed into an amazing aromatherapy fragrance. 

On your cloudy days when you may be struggling emotionally, imagine pulling out your joy oil out and smelling the pleasant aroma than putting your joy fragrance on as you would perfume or cologne. Imagine how you feel after smelling the aroma and putting it on your skin.  How has your mood changed? What about your atmosphere?  Has your environment shifted to having a day spa tranquility? This technique would be good to do on winter days if you live in an area where it is cold and snowy several months throughout the year.  During that time, it is good to have a tool box that you can refer to when the seasonal environment induces seasonal depression. 

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