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An affirmation is a positive statement that expresses something is true.  It is phrased in the present tense and personalized in first person. The affirmation can be said repeatedly with feeling out loud to impress the mind with new thoughts and prompt new feelings.  The principal is to transform the thoughts within your mind so you can experience a change in your life.   Writing them out on paper and saying them aloud helps to influence the subconscious part of your mind.  I have included some examples below that you can try out for yourself.


  1. I believe that I will get better and it will be my reality
  2. I am valuable and the world needs my talents
  3. I am getting better and better each day
  4. I take one day at a time and work on creating a new reality for myself
  5. What I am experience right now is only temporary
  6. Everyone on the outside observes the changes that have occurred in result of me doing the inner work
  7. What is coming in my life is greater than I can even imagine or ask the universe for
  8. The appropriate people and necessary tools are coming to assist me in transformation
  9. My mood is only temporary and will improve as I stay on track with treatment
  10. I am determined to see the healing process through and raise myself to a higher state of being
  11. I overcome my feelings of depression and looking forward to seeing my growth
  12. I am resilient and will continue to persevere
  13. My efforts to become better produces desired results

Making choices

  1. I am guided by wisdom to make the right decision for my highest good
  2. I make wise decisions that are right for me
  3. I trust myself to make the best decision for the right outcome
  4. I turn within for guidance on the best decision and find the answers that I need
  5. I am confident that I make the right decisions that will provide the best outcome
  6. I make the right decisions that are leading me closer to my destiny
  7. The right decision comes to me when I am quiet and still
  8. Wisdom leads me to make good decisions for all involved
  9. I accept the decision that I make is the right one
  10. I trust the decision that I make is best and I maintain peace about it

Looking at a situation differently

  1. I am open to seeing the situation differently and realize my perspective is not necessarily the “truth”
  2. I release the perspective that I created in my mind about the situation and look at it with loving eyes
  3. I change my perspective from looking at the situation with wounded eyes to looking at it with peace
  4. I shift from focusing on the hurt that I have experienced and intentionally look at the situation with clarity
  5. I take a deep breath and clear my mind to look at the situation with a new outlook
  6. I acknowledge that I have the power to look at a situation differently
  7. I bring peace to myself and look at a situation differently that hurt me
  8. I invite peace into my spirit to help me look at a hurtful situation differently
  9. I see the situation from a different view that provides me comfort
  10. I love myself and transform my thoughts to bring peace to my soul
  11. I choose to see the situation from a high road perspective and in result experience peace


  1. I adapt to change well and move through life peacefully while enjoying the journey
  2. I am embracing where I am on my life journey and open to where I am going
  3. I am open to the highest good that finds its way to me in the form of blessings
  4. I am creating the life that I desire and it fulfills me on all levels
  5. I handle all change positively that comes my way and acknowledge that it is for my higher good
  6. I accept the transitions that are happening in my life right now and focus on the good
  7. I embrace change and look forward with eyes of expectation
  8. I expect good outcomes of the transition period that I am going through
  9. I accept the change that is happening at this moment of my life
  10. I allow myself to move with the flow of life with ease
  11. I embrace the challenge of change and reap the benefits from it
  12. I face challenge and change in this moment directly to see the blessings down the road

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