About Me

About Me

I am passionate about counseling others through times of difficulties and writing material that brings about peace in one’s soul.  It is my honor to adhere to my life purpose of making a difference in the lives of others to invoke personal empowerment.   I provide individual counseling with an empathetic and confidential manner.  I work together in partnership with my clients to create counseling goals that offer realistic potentials of success.  I enjoy working with clients who are in need of healing, experience depression and anxiety.  They recognize they need help to overcome the issues that are holding them back to living a satisfying life.  In recognizing they cannot get to where they desire on their own; they realize its strength within their soul that has them seeking professional help on their journey.

It is my pleasure to lead my clients to experience a breakthrough in their lives to walk a path of freedom.  My approach to therapy is called Person centered therapy.  This is an approach used to assist individuals in achieving personal growth and/or come to terms with a specific problem they are having.  In Person-Centered therapy, the therapist uses techniques that encourage clients to make changes by assisting clients in finding solutions to their problems that are consistent with their own beliefs about themselves and others. The basic assumption of Person-Centered therapy is that given a good therapeutic environment, clients will move toward positive change.  I provide homework assignments, journaling exercises, and suggest books to compliment therapy.



  1. Emeka Ojeh


    Articulately written and mind blowing. The fact that you Love to be be of great assitance or help people to fulfill their journey of mental well-being. And applying spirituality as part of your tool has said it all.

    Hence i will continue to tune myself to things that are positive in order to be in that rigth state of mind. Thanks for the introduction and what this blog stands for. You are truly God sent . greetings.

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